Its simple, its unique.

Simple work-communication tool

manage projects successfully and grow your company
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No Credit Card Required

Small to large business rely on Wisepath to run their business

Wisepath helps your team go remote or hybrid and to stay in sync easily.
Used by over 100 teams globaly
Built for productivity
Combine communication, to-do's and files storage
Created by managers for managers

Great companies use Wisepath to power their business forward.

What are we?

Wisepath is a new kind
of virtual office

Wisepath was created to replicate all your
operations and projects virtually

Workspaces have a suite of tools to keep teams in move.

Wisepath includes messsages, to-do list, notes and file storage in every Workspace you create.
Voice notes
Voice talk
To-do list
Files storage

Save hundreds of dollars, by using just one tool. Wisepath is Free.

Create an ideal workflow between 5-6 different apps is hard, there is where wisepath shines.
There is 5 apps to pay
$8.00 USD
$10.00 USD
$12.00 USD
Drop box
$20.00 USD
Summary ( 20 members )
$1000.00 USD

Wisepath helps to avoid team burnout and keeps everyone healthy based on use data.

Good afternoon Paco.
You completed 6 tasks today
You wrote 456 Words
You attended to 5 Meetings
😊 Happiness
🔥 Burnout level
🤝 Team work score
🤝 Workload
Hey, was a hard day, I recommend you to sleep at least 8 hours today, and to retire from the computer now.
🤖 Wisessistant
Ok, got it
“Wisepath gave us the confidence we needed to take our bussiness to the next level. At first we thought, should we do it? Then we took the plunge and now we’re never looking back.”
Chandler C.
Business Owner
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